Oil Industry
Preliminary spacing of flanges, depressing of pressed gears and bolts in various subassemblies

Naval industry
Hydraulic equipment used in the industry for recovering stranded ships

Transport industry
Installation and pressing of wagon wheels on the cone, in rail bending

Construction industry
Limestone supply of railway wagons for pre-tensioning and detensioning of strands from prestressed concrete structures

Hydraulic power sources
Hydraulic power drive units with electric intensifier or small piston, with thermal motors and hand or foot pumps

Hydraulic cylinders
A wide range of cylinders for general use, simple or double-acting, with spring return or gravity return, extra flat, flat, hollow and high tonnage, coming in a wide range of sizes

Hydraulic torque wrenches
Screwing and unscrewing hex nuts in hard-to-reach places

Hydraulic pullers
Depressing of gins, gears or pressed subassemblies, slip rings and couplers

Hydraulic presses
Depressing and pressing of gears, bearings and pressed subassemblies

Hydraulic tools
Used for splintering, cutting, distorting, crimping and bending pipes

Hydraulic jacks and lifting equipment
Intended for lifting heavy loads and equipment, maintaining pressure at the same time

3000 bar equipment

Flexible repair equipment
For front pipe milling, for welding strands and flattening pipe plates of heat exchangers

Digital measuring systems
Display, control, monitoring - immunity to electromagnetic interference

Special equipment
Used for testing extraction pipes, for bending tram rails

Interdrive Moscova 26-30 martie 2012.

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