Hydraulic torque wrenches

Maximum torque 3.500 - 20.000 [Nm]
Wrench spread 27 - 150 [mm]
Maximum pressure 700 [bar]

Funded under the INVENT programme
Sub-programme: 2 - PTS
Project category: CP-V
Contract no. 93/ 01.10.2003
Manufacturing and production of high torque hydraulic dynamometric machines 3.500 - 20.000 NM

Activities performed within the project, having as main objective the introduction in the production line of hydraulic dynamometric machines with high torque of 3500 - 20000 Nm and establishing the technical features demanded by the market for hydraulic dynamometric machines that can reinvent the technology of various industrial departments based on the patent of invention no. 110.432.

Project manager: A.C. Hanganu, engineer & PhD student

Hydraulic dynamometric wrenches are used when screwing or unscrewing hex nuts in hard-to-reach places/with limited space, requiring well controlled, repeated clamping turns, with high values. These wrenches allow for screwing/unscrewing of the nuts via double hexagonal cannular adapters fitted quickly on the cassette hexagon and by resting them against a neighbouring nut, with an anti-torque reaction arm. The wrenches do not distort the parts of the assembly. The bolt tensioner is used for the high precision pre-tensioning of threaded assemblies, as well as for removing these assemblies from places where the tensioning of the bolt body is not allowed, or it cannot be locked in the opposite direction of rotation. The advantage is the lack of a bolt tensioning tendency due to the symmetry of the support;

Fise tehnice:
  • Hydraulic dynamometric wrenches (1)
  • Hydraulic dynamometric wrenches (2)
  • Hydraulic dynamometric wrenches (3)
  • Hydraulic dynamometric wrenches (4)
  • Device for bolt tensioning (1)
  • Device for bolt tensioning (2)
  • 1500 daNm hydraulic wrench
  • 2500 daNm hydraulic wrench
  • Special hydraulic wrench
  • Shock generator
  • Bolt tensioner M80
  • Interdrive Moscova 26-30 martie 2012.

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