Construction industry

Technical records:
  • Supplier with arms - dislocating and supplying of railway wagons with limestone from bunkers specially built for the energy industry, chemical industry, construction industry and mining industry.
  • Multi-strand jack assembly - tensioning of the multithreading reinforcement from stressed concrete pillar structures
  • Uni-strand jack assembly - has a structure built from a welded hollow body, inside which there is a hydraulic cylinder actuating a set of pulling jaws
  • Rotary oven hydraulic pusher - reduces the wear of the oven's hot and cold head seals in time
  • Relaxation equipment for prestressed concrete beams - relaxation of prestressed strands of stressed concrete structures, the electro-hydraulic group is equipped with transportation wheels
  • Gyratory crusher greasing equipment - made up of a hydraulic reservoir, hydraulic circuits for supplying, filtering and cooling oil and a greasing hydraulic circuit
  • Hydraulic tensioning panel - pretensioning of reinforcements of prestressed concrete structures, with a mobile hydraulic unit
  • Hydraulic tensioning and detensioning panel - simultaneous pretensioning or detensioning of all the strands that make up the reinforcement of a prestressed concrete structure
  • Interdrive Moscova 26-30 martie 2012.

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